Kroger Credit Card

The Kroger Credit Card is really a great card to have if you happen to be one of those people who love to shop their specials often and could use even a little bit of extra appreciation from the Kroger's store. With the Kroger Credit Card you can enjoy gaining not only rewards for your shopping interests within the store but also the everyday things you buy in life outside of Kroger's. Being that this card has no annual fee and also provides you with a $5 cash back whenever you have gained 1,000 points, anyone who is doing a lot of regular shopping with this store would surely turn what seems like small fries into very big savings if they work it right.

Unfortunately there isn't a signing bonus of any kind for applying and getting accepted for the Kroger Credit Card. This is not a complete shock though as most grocery stores actually don't provide sign up bonuses or either their sign up bonuses fall quite flat anyway. As mentioned earlier, if you are shopping frequently and purchasing lots of groceries you will see very quickly how the savings can become something a only a loyal Kroger's customer would appreciate. Yes, there are other types of rewards cards on the market that you could use also at Kroger's and get far greater benefits. However, if you are only looking to save immediately on your grocery bill instead of having credits done by other cards at a later time, we still suggest that the Kroger's card is the way to go.

Here is just a quick rundown of the point’s plans that you can take advantage of as a serious Kroger shopper. For every dollar that you spend on a Kroger branded product you will gain three points. If you know anyone who usually spends easily $1,000 every month for their family grocery bill at Kroger's each month, think about the fact they would be gaining at least 3,000 points if they were being economical and purchasing all Kroger branded products.  Also, remember if they have just gained 3,000 points they have also gained a free $15 so far as well. What if they aren't the most economical shopping family at Kroger’s and they only purchase name branded products? Well, for the same $1,000 a month, they have just earned at least 2,000 points because each non Kroger product in the store gives two points on the dollar. Also, with the 2,000 points they have also gained a free $10. Doesn't sound like much to some, but if you have a huge family to feed and you love Kroger's stores, anything you get free in your shopping experience is greatly appreciated.


Also having the luxury of having the zero interest for the first nine months is just icing on the cake really. We haven't even begun to mention the added benefits of what you get when you are purchasing gasoline.  We also have not mentioned the fact that you could use that free money that came on your monthly grocery bill to put gas back in the tank of your car. The Kroger Credit Card really is for the serious Kroger's shoppers and as you can see, it can really become something greatly appreciated by a Kroger's customer. If you are one of those customers who know all about shopping at Kroger's because you shop there every much each month, definitely check out the Kroger Credit Card.